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We are always asked how Jacy comes up with her designs. They are all her designs and she works very hard to make them perfect before we record a tutorial.The barefoot sandals were made because she loved making the beaded ones and she decided to try to make them with the Rainbow Loom. She entered them in a local contest and won first place. So then she decided to enter them in the National Rainbow Loom contest and she won second place. She was asked to make a tutorial and so she did and that is how the Craft Life Youtube channel was started.Then she had many requests for other items and she made tutorials for those too.She was at AC Moore recently and was challenged…She was asked to make a bow. She went home and got to work right away. She made it on one loom first but thought it was too small so she decided to film the tutorial with 2 looms. When everyone asked for the 1 loom tutorial she decided to add her 1 loom tutorial. That is how the bow tutorials came about.She loves peace signs. She thought she would try to make one that she could wear as a pendant or charm. She did and that is her latest tutorial.The phone case is coming soon!

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